ATER ERA “Beneath Inanimate Grime”

“Beneath Inanimate Grime”
(Pestilence Records)
I like band names that are in Latin. It gives the band a whole different aura of mystique. It is as if they take on a whole different character when you don’t really know what the name means. ATER ERA has that familiarity to its name yet being mystic enough to entice. ATER ERA are black metal in the old Darkthrone/Mayhem style. Simple, to the point black metal like it was used to be done in the 90s. No messing about with grand symphonic arrangements. Instead the relay on creating atmosphere by using small means. But it is also that simplicity that is the greatness of this kind of black metal. With just the use of a guitar, a bass and drums they paint a picture of a bleak, dying world with no hope of ever recover. This kind of black metal will always have a special place in my darkened heart. Anders Ekdahl

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