ATHLANTIS “02022020”

(Diamonds Prod)

Battle Helm Rating

To say that ATHLANTIS blew my socks off the last time I heard them would be to lie. That I did enjoy what I heard to a certain degree is not a lie but I still wished that there had been something that little bit extra. But perhaps this will change with this new album. As much as I want to like this more than I do there is something about this that doesn’t really grip my balls all out. It isn’t bad. It is just not great either. This is in all parts classic power metal, and I love power metal. As I listen to this I find myself liking it, but just not enough for it to warrant a 4. Still, this is an album I will return to again sometime. I won’t just store it and forget about it. If I wasn’t too impressed the last time they sure have impressed on me now. I do like what I hear. Anders Ekdahl

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