ATHLANTIS “02022020”

(Diamonds Prod)

Battle Helm Rating

If my memory serves me right, I have heard a couple of this band’s previous releases. And if my memory is correct, I wasn’t that impressed by these releases. Looking back at this band’s discography I notice that I seem to be a every other release. I missed out on their debut from 2003, reviewed their second album from 2012, missed out on the first 2017 release, reviewed the second 2017 release. I then missed out on the 2019 release. And now I sit there with their new 2020 release. Usually when it comes to Italian power metal, I am at the forefront waving my fist in the air but not with this one. I really liked the 2012 album but the one from 2017 wasn’t up to my fullest liking. This new one does seem to be a better album. This is much more of a heavy metal sound with touches of power metal than anything else. It is not bad at all. A good enough Italian metal album that surely will give you a smile or two. Anders Ekdahl

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