ATHLANTIS ”Metalmorphosis”

(Diamonds Prod)

Battle Helm Rating

Italian power metal. Three words that should have it water in any metal fan’s mouth. So much great power metal has come from the Italian scene over the years. I am familiar with the name ATHLANTIS but I cannot decide if it is from just reading about them or if it is actually from having heard them before. Since I cannot decide I will treat this as my first encounter with the band. For power metal to be really great you have to have a vocalist that is not of this world. If not there is a risk that the power in the metal will be lost. The vocalist on this album is good enough to carry over the power in the metal. And that makes one hell of a difference. The music is not as upbeat as I would have liked. Instead they have opted for the more epic style. I think that over time this album will grow even more on me as I get deeper and deeper attached to it. Anders Ekdahl

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