ATHOS “Noht Lerapot”

“Noht Lerapot”
(Symbol Of Domination)

Battle Helm Rating

If I am not mistaken Athos was one of the three musketeers. Alexander Dumas old novel is still to this day a cool piece of literature. But I don’t think I’ve ever come upon a band named after one of the musketeers. And I have no idea how this is going to sound like. This Greek band has an intro that makes me think of the Tombs Of The Blindead movies. There is a horror feel to this band’s black metal. That I like. It gives another dimension to the music. It gives it a cool chill effect. This is the kind of black metal that is both old school 90s as well as being rather contemporary. The kind that borrows from the past and gives to the present. Cool stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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