Atlas Losing Grip – “Currents”


Atlas Losing Grip – “Currents” (Cargo Records)

Marking the 10th anniversary of this cult Swedish melodic alt punk rock band from Lund, “Currents” is more than just celebratory, but also a fine salute to former vocalist and highly respected veteran icon Rodrigo Alfaro, who retired to spend more time with his family. To say the band and in particular Rodrigo have put the performance of a lifetime on this 3rd album is something of an understatement, and both he and the band can be proud of this sterling effort – which incidentally clocks in at 66 minutes and 6 seconds – respectably closing this chapter of the band’s history. Mixing uplifting energetic punk rock with early Metallica from their classic “Puppets..” era along with the dual melodic metal guitars and fluid solos made famous by Gothenberg bands like In Flames, songs like ‘Nemesis’ with its frantic melodies, the mello punk majesty of ‘Downwind’ and the dark melancholy of ‘Through The Distance’ convey the highly passionate and catchy lure of this hugely talented and appealing band, made all the greater by Rodrigo’s ever so tender vocals topped off with just the right touch of emo – brilliant! I certainly hope “Currents” won’t be the end of Atlas Losing Grip but whatever happens I’ll always cherish the memories made all the more emotional by this epic release.

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