Atomwinter – “Catacombs”

Atomwinter – “Catacombs” (Trollzorn)

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Blistering old school German Death Metal!!! Although formed in 2010, it’s pretty clear that these 4 Göttingen guys have been around for a lot longer, as a result of which Atomwinter is one helluva classy outfit. Unmistakably inspired by 90s death metal bands like Dismember, Hypocrisy and Gorefest, expect a dirty and doomy sound creating an epic foreboding atmosphere although resplendent with plenty of ferocious blast beating – in short, nothing short of a war ha ha! “Catacombs” is the band’s 3rd release and the 10 excellent tracks here attest to the band’s song writing talent and musicianship having won awards from Germany’s Rock Hard to Denmark’s as well as playing extreme festivals like Party San. There’s certainly a strong live sound that captures the terrifying power of songs like ‘Carved In Stone’, ‘Dark Messiah’ and ‘Funeral Of Flesh’. Think shredding guitars exuding intense death but equally spellbound catchiness, fretboard burning diddly dee melodies played at hyperspeed while being contrasted by slow, monstrous reverb drenched riffs sent through a dirty rinse wash. Completed by O. Holzschneider’s diabolically guttural vocals and drumming that could be mistaken for an artillery barrage, Atomwinter are an awesome band who play it just like how they like it to sound – zehr gut!

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