ATREXIAL ”Souverain”

(Godz ov War Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I usually don’t mix politics with music but given the shitty world we live in with all the motherfucking terrorists threatening our way of life and given the recent tragic events in the world (Charlottesville, Paris, London, Berlin etc.) I am glad that there is music for me to ventilate my anger at the fucked up individuals that inhabits out beautiful planet. And Barcelona’s ATREXIAL are a fine example of a ventilator. Perhaps not the most brutal death metal you’ll ever hear but a fine slab of death it is nevertheless. There is a blackish cloak hanging over the music that makes me think latter day Behemoth and Marduk. And like these acts still are brutal as fuck today ATREXIAL is one heavy piece of blackened death metal. In a way they remind me of a heavier Deicide. Or Morbid Angel. Still a cool album though. Anders Ekdahl

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