Atrocity – “Okkult”

Atrocity – “Okkult” (Napalm Records)

Definitive Euro metal. Formed originally back in 1985 by Alexander Krull, Atrocity in recent times is almost a parallel band run alongside Leaves Eyes, featuring the members of Atrocity alongside Krull’s wife, Liv Kristine Espenæs, who sings vocals in both bands! To make matters even more complicated, Atrocity is one of these German bands who have not only revolving door line-ups (I can count some 15 ex members) but a range of styles from grind core to death metal to the out rightly bizarre from covers of 80s disco hits to Lili Marlene ha ha! “Okkult” sees them venturing into symphonic death territory built around a dark, epic atmosphere that at times sounds like a film score. In that respect Krull enlisted the support of Canadian Sound Designer Katie Halliday who’s worked on the “Saw” movies as well as the Lingua Mortis Orchestr, who definitely add a fuller sound to Krull’s own gruff vocals and Thorsten Bauer’s insane wang bar soloing on songs like ‘Haunted By Demons’, ‘Masaya (Boca Del Infierno)’ and ‘Satans Braut’. “Okkult” is the kickstart to an album trilogy and to keep it’s mystique will be part of the very first global metal treasure hunt to find a hidden missing track on each continent – which the band themselves will not even have access to! Even these days Atrocity continue to be as entertaining as they are enigmatic….

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