Attic – “Sanctimonious”

Attic – “Sanctimonious” (Ván Records)

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Oh wow, if you like early Mercyful Fate a la “Melissa” then Attic are the band for you! Complete with the helium high wailing vocals of Meister Cagliostro that even King Diamond would be casting an envious eye over, the twin guitar work of Katte n Rob is easily on par with Denner n Shermann, while also owing more than a nod to Jon Nodtveidt’s inspirational style of relentless intricate weaving of massive pure heavy metal melodies with pure heavy metal power – awesome! Burning the ritualistic fire since 2011, Attic’s debut “The Invocation” won them Album Of The Month by Germany’s Rock Hard magazine and a follow up slot at its namesake festival, not to mention a slew of performances at Keep It True and Party San and gigs throughout Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia. Now comes the follow up and the band have gone for an ambitious concept album whose haunting and occult tale is told through the 13 tracks here from ‘A Serpent In The Pulpit’ to ‘Dark Hosanna’ and the epic closer ‘There Is No God’. Thanks to the band’s superior musicianship and quality song writing it’s all pulled off masterfully, along with touches of musty church organs and ghostly harmonies to complete the natural, stripped down sound. While many choose to cast doubt on the ‘true’ metal resurrection, I thought this album was an absolute delight in every aspect especially for old school heavy metal fans for whom I have no reservations in recommending this to!

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