AU-DESSUS “End Of Chapter”

“End Of Chapter”
(Les Acteurs De L’ombre Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

Back in 2015 I reviewed AU-DESSUS debut album. I liked their offbeat avant-garde black metal on that album. And this new one is no different. This is not your average A to B run of the mill album. Sure, they blast their way like there is no tomorrow but they do it with such finesse that you are hauled in from the word go and so intrigued by their twisted web that you forget about time and space. To compare this to any other bands seem just pointless. Not that this re-invents the wheel or anything like that but because you need to hear this with a clear mind void of any references. I know which bands it reminds me of. Give it a listen and we’ll compare. Anders Ekdahl

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