AUDIOPORN “Jezebel’s Kiss”

“Jezebel’s Kiss”
(JK Records)
I can understand why people from different bands want to come together to form a new band. In the meeting of like-minded souls a connection can happen that leads to something great. But it is not necessarily so that what works in one unit might work in another. It all depends on the chemistry. I’ve never ever heard of the band Jezebel’s Kiss I’m familiar with Hydrogyn. Which makes it hard to comment on if this sounds like a combination of the two. What I do know is that this is hardrock in the more traditional way. Big melodies, guitars that are larger than the Chinese wall and a singer that has that bluesy feel to his voice. I don’t get to hear too much of this stuff anymore and I do not actively seek it out either but when it do come my way I often enjoy it. And so is the case with this one. I enjoy it. Anders Ekdahl

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