Audrey Horne – “Waiting For The Night”

Audrey Horne – “Waiting For The Night” CD / LP / Blu-Ray (Napalm Records)
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Wow – I didn’t know that Audrey Horne were this popular, but the roar from the crowd on this live release is simply deafening! “Waiting For The Night” is the band’s first live release and it proves that over the course of 18 years, 6 studio albums and countless live shows that Audrey Horne are one of the must see live hard rock bands and here in their hometown of Bergen in Norway, the atmosphere is nothing short of electric!! With not one but two live sets totaling 16 tracks, “Waiting For The Night” takes the listener through the nearly 2 decade career of this amazing band who take their name from the character in the cult early 90s TV series “Twin Peaks” and are made up of members from underground metal bands like Enslaved, Sahg and Gorgoroth, who choosing a different path altogether, play hard rock and heavy metal inspired by Iron Maiden, Alice In Chains and especially Thin Lizzy. Still, what makes this live album essential is not just the performance of the band but the Bergen crowd, who on both occasions really show their love for these hometown boys. I mean, the ecstatic roar that greets them is the stuff of envy and is over all the numbers, so as the hard beat of ‘Audrevolution’ sounds so does the en masse clap over the deep bass before those massive Thin Lizzy guitar warbles set the place on fire in time for the massive singalong chorus – wow! Continuing in fine Celtic style on ‘Out Of The City’, Toschie’s laid back croons are joined by crowd singing and finally roaring to singalong chorus climax in amazing embrace and energy that is abundantly felt by the listener on this excellent sound quality recording. Clearly on fire by the time ‘California’ rolls in with its beautiful organs adding even more heartfelt passion to this already heated number, stoked by the dual Celtic guitar melodies, the build up to the climatic chorus is nothing short of orgasmic – and that’s before those passionate but totally rock out guitar solos hit man. Saving the best till last ‘Redemption Blues’ with its mellower than Maiden style through a 70s hard rock rinse has the entire venue (and myself!) off its feet and in an air punching, headbanging frenzy with that air guitar close to hand as those lethal twin guitars go to work one final time as the crowd roars and roars for more. Honestly, this is a total knock out from start to finish!!!
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