Audrey Horne – “Youngblood”

Audrey Horne – “Youngblood” (Napalm Records)

Audrey Horne aren’t your typical band. Certainly not for their name as well as the fact that despite being from black metal central i.e. Bergen, they play stoner hard rock! Since we last heard from them a few years back with their self titled 3rd album they’ve gone even more melodic into a light groovy rock sound that owes more to 70s UFO, Golden Earring or Bad Company. Sure, there’s still elements of stoner in the Hammond organ and riffs, but they’re mainly on the periphery of the main rock sound that is full of smooth soul and certainly unaggressive on songs like ‘There Goes A Lady’, ‘Cards With The Devil’ and ‘Redemption Blues’. There’s also more of an American feel to “Youngblood” although the band seem to go for a more honest, upfront style with their material than something more mainstream. So if you want to hear warbling solos, far out grooves, 70s echoing sunshine vocals and a rockin’ rhythm resonating thru a wintery fjord, then the enigma known as Audrey Horne are definitely the jolly Vikings for you!

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