Aura Noir – “Aura Noire”

Aura Noir – “Aura Noire” (Indie Recordings) 

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6 years on, and Aura Noir have returned with their 6th album. Thankfully not just with 6 tracks, this nearly self titled album goes right back to the early 80s days when death metal had yet to be spawned into what it is today, but its guttural drawls stood hand in claw with black thrash, a foul and fearsome beast of its own, spawning the likes of early Destruction, Sepultura and of course, Celtic Frost. “Aura Noire” is 9 tracks from that brood without any sign of wimpness whatsoever! Led by the abyssal bass and beastly drawls of founder bassist / vocalist, Mayhem’s Blasphemer shreds his way to Satan with so much rawness that Tom Warrior could hear him all the way in Switzerland, while co founder drummer Apollyon brings in a variety of styles, from blurring speed to jungle beats and relentless drum rolls, all in the true tradition of those early bands – and in an unbelievably loud volume so I really wonder if the recording studio is still standing ha ha! From ‘Dark Lung Of The Storm’ it’s classic Celtic Frost from the heavy bass, sandpaper raw guitar and those death grunts to ‘The Obscuration’ as the South American speed record is actually broken complete with totally mental whirring guitar and drums that stamp your face into well, total obscurity! ‘Demoniac Flow’ mixes Motorhead double bass beats with some dirty ass guitar and vocals that made me wonder if Cronos was guesting while ‘Mordant Wind’ is very much in the eclectic Ulver sense, mixing Celtic Frost along with blast beats and some scatty jazzy guitar chucked in to mindf—k you even more. An intense release from start to finish, that it does what it does so well impresses me all the more so thanks to the uncompromising might of Aura Noir! 

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