AURA NOIR “Aura Noire”

“Aura Noire”
(Indie Recordings)

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This is the firs new AURA NOIR albums since 2012. As I look through their discography I can’t seem to remember having heard anything by them after the EP from 1995. A record I liked back then and still like today. But why I haven’t checked out the records that followed I have no idea. Or more exactly, no memory of. This is classic Norwegian blackened thrash. Back in the 90s AURA NIOR were leading the pack. As I only have memories of the EP all I can go on right now is my gut instinct. And it tells me that this is classic AURA NOIR. So if you are familiar with this lot it is safe to give this one a listen too. And if you like me don’t know if you know them or not I can say that you won’t be disappointed. Anders Ekdahl

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