Autopsy – “Puncturing The Grotesque”

Autopsy – “Puncturing The Grotesque” (Peaceville Records)

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Forever hallowed in the bloodied halls of death metal’s valhalla is Autopsy, the deformed bastard offspring of famed drummer / vocalist Chris Reifert, who of course was Death’s original drummer! Often cited as one of the originators of the genre (along with Possessed and Death), Autopsy sadly never grew bigger as either of those bands, but became champions of the underground until they ground to a halt in 1995 after 4 albums. However, some 14 years on, the band almost immediately reformed and in recent years, Reifert has returned to the scene with a vengeance and zest to spread his foulness back once again to the masses! If their final 90s album (gracefully titled “Shitfun”) saw the introduction of punk and their follow up band Abscess incorporated it, then this has remained in Reifert’s arsenal either to a greater or lesser degree in the new material, which remains as aggressive and vile as it ever was. “Puncturing The Grotesque” is a 7 track mini album that fits that description like a cavity search glove, right down to Reifert’s bestial, predatory ‘vocals’. From the straight up old school death of ‘Gorecrow’ with its twisted evil melodies, hammering blast beats and diddly dee riffing to the Warfare meets GG Allin ‘Depths Of Dehumanization’ with its catchy but ball kicking punk beat and Danny Coralles driller killer guitars, Reifert holds nothing back and delivers intensely but cruelly with catchiness knowing that you’ll back for more – mwaha ha ha!! Just for good measure he and Coralles chuck in an OTT version of ‘Fuck You!!!’ as an alternate version to their current split single with Sweden’s death metal super group Bloodbath, but originally from the 80’s Bloodbath (that once featured Coralles no less!). Needless to say, serve generously with Formaldehyde!

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