AUTOTHEISM ”CLSTVM – Dogma Sculptured in the Flesh”’

”CLSTVM – Dogma Sculptured in the Flesh”’

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This is a one-track single. It is a 17 minutes single. A 17 minutes digital single. I guess I just gotta adjust to the times we live in now and accept that a single is a single whether it is physical or digital. This Italian band play a sort of death metal that is clustered with both dark and post influences. To me this sounds like a mix between Morbid Angel and Revenant from New Jersey. The heaviness of Morbid Angel mixed with the technical stuff of Revenant. I could have used more modern references but these are the two bands that popped up first in my head. This did turn out to be 17 very enjoyable minutes indeed. Anders Ekdahl

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