AUTUMNBLAZE “Welkin Shores Burning”

“Welkin Shores Burning”
(Argonauta Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I used to be quite down with AUTUMNBLAZE back in the 90s (I think) but somehow lost interest in them. Until I heard that this new album was about to happen. That made me buy the entire back catalogue. Hopefully this new album is as good as I remember the old ones to be. I am a big fan of melancholy. Not that I sit in darkness and cry but it does give me a warm and cozy feeling. It hits all the right notes in me. That is why I totally love latter day Katatonia, why I love My Dying Bride and why I love The Cure. This new AUTUMNBLAZE album is filled to brim with melancholy. This is the kind of album you play after a day at work, an album to wind down to. There is a dreamlike quality to this that I like. An album to stare at the sky to, thinking about the grandness of everything. I like what I hear. Anders Ekdahl

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