Autumn’s Child – “Angel’s Gate”

Autumn’s Child – “Angel’s Gate” (AOR Heaven)
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Autumn’s Child is something of a Swedish supergroup, comprising members from Last Autumn’s Dream, H.E.A.T, Moon Safari, Eclipse and Heartbreak Radio – although that should come as little surprise to vocalist Mikael Erlandsson, who was already in the super group Secret Service between 2006 and 2018, while co-founding Last Autumn’s Dream with guitarist Andy Malecek (Fair Warning) along with Ian Haugland, Mic Michaeli and John Leven of Europe fame at the time! After releasing 14 albums and touring Japan, Germany and England, Erlandsson took a break in 2018 and shortly after, formed Autumn’s Child, releasing their self-titled debut just a year later. Now comes their return in “Angel’s Gate” – and it’s nothing short of an AOR classic. The level of song writing talent and musicianship is incredible, taking inspiration from melodic rock’s greatest so if you’re moved by the classic vibes of Queen, Journey, Meatloaf and Europe, then this one will be right up your alley! Knocking you right out with the opener ‘Where Angels Cry’, Pontus Åkesson’s guitar wails straight into your heart while crunching out red blooded riffs in the spirit of legendary Gary Moore as Erlandsson bedazzles through his moving vocals and keyboard mastery in piling on the irresistible hooks and melodies to make this rocker pulsate in passion – wow! Taking it back to the mid 80s on ‘Don’t Say It’s Love’, there’s no denying that authentic sound as Åkesson’s guitar wails and croons in perfect accompaniment to Erlandsson’s synth in building to the powerful but tender singalong chorus, evoking all the memories of that era vividly through this superb song. Bringing on the harmony overload of ELO and Supertramp, along with a Nordic touch on ‘Only Love Can Save The World’, it’s exactly that through Erlandsson’s soothing organ keys and soul exuding vocals capped off blissfully by the warm acoustic hum from Åkesson – and some seriously massive singalong passion on this all-out heartbreaker. All in all, it’s nothing short of a dream on this one….
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