Avantasia – “The Mystery Of Time”

Avantasia – “The Mystery Of Time” (Nuclear Blast)

Avantasia is the rock opera supergroup created by Tobias Sammet, vocalist of Edguy. Despite giving the impression of closure following his last release in 2011, I guess Tobias couldn’t live without Avantasia along with his fans! “The Mystery Of Time” opens a brand new concept into the Avantasia saga, that of how time rules every aspect of peoples’ lives , and if it can be controlled can in turn control them. Powerful stuff, and Tobias has indeed once again assembled a powerful ensemble with Biff Byford (Saxon), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow), Bob Catley (Magnum), Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids) and Eric Martin (Mr. Big) providing guest vocals with Bruce Kulick (Kiss) and long time collaborator Sascha Paeth on guitars. The album will also feature for the first time the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg, a symphony orchestra very active in TV and film as well as providing live performances of silent films such as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Musically, this incarnation of Avantasia reflects its cast in being a combination of modern and melodic rock defined by the flowing lead vocals and abundance of backing harmonies. Added upon this comes the masterful guitar work of uplifting riffs and passionate solos with of course the Babelsberg orchestra delicately bringing in violins, cellos and piano to cap off songs like ‘Dweller In A Dream’, ‘What’s Left Of Me’ and ‘Sleepwalking’. The overall effect leaves one with hope, great hope and positivity from the heart that whatever the challenge people will somehow prevail as they have done thru the ages, and that is no better needed than in current times. Whilst I wouldn’t say I was ever a big Edguy fan, Tobias has truly impressed me with Avantasia, the superiority of which cannot be disputed and now stands on the cusp of mainstream recognition.

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