Avatar – “Black Waltz”

Avatar – “Black Waltz” (Sony Music)

Sweden’s Avatar hail from the famed city of Gothenburg so it comes as typically they have a strong melodic death base a la In Flames. However, there it ends as the band’s avant garde approach lends itself to a theatrical / circus image and incorporates industro metal along the lines of Rammstein and with little surprise, the freako goth of Marilyn Manson. Johannes Eckerström’s hoarse vocals mingles with creepy melodies amidst bombastic riffs, harmonicas and weird country n western geetars on songs like ‘Smells Like A Freakshow’, ‘Paint Me Red’ and ‘Use Your Tongue’. You’re either going to loathe this or like it – like many have to date having seen the band tour with the likes of Megadeth and System Of A Down no less. Definitely different!

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