Aversions Crown – “Tyrant”


Aversions Crown – “Tyrant” (Nuclear Blast)

Growling djent death from the sunshine coasts of Australia! With a 3 pronged guitar attack brandishing 8 string guitars, these Aussies certainly provide plenty of drilling gusto to their chugging riffola – and that’s before their bottom heavy rhythm kicks in!! Still, with plenty of axes to spare, Aversions Crown have done a sterling job incorporating heaps of futuristic melodies and ambient moments that definitely balance up to their furor and moreover, add definition to songs like ‘Faith Collapsing’, ‘Avalanche’ and ‘The Glass Sentient’. Colin Jeff’s vocals simply surf over it all mate, at times growling whilst elsewhere screaming like he’s being ripped apart by a 15 foot white pointer, but either way he utilizes the right style to either offer stylish complement or bold contrast to the rest of the band. Big fans of Whitechapel, they’ve even supported them touring the Gold Coast and on this sophomore engaged Mark Lewis of Audio Hammer mixing. That said, Aversions Crown aren’t clones by any means and nor full on death core thanks to those prominent melodies and plenty of mid tempo passages. Furthermore, what progresses “Tyrant” on from its 2011 debut is that this album has a strong live feel to the material such that it has been written to flow just like it would onstage, along with singalong choruses that I don’t remember them doing the first time. It’s a definite step up in terms of song writing and maturity that is sure to garner respect from anyone familiar with Australia’s heavy music scene.

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