Avoral – “War Is Not Over”


Avoral – “War Is Not Over” (Club Inferno Ent)

Epic metal from Milano! Taking inspiration from both classical and fantasy literature, Avoral’s music is not far off being a rich blend of traditional metal in the epic vein and strong folk melodies throughout. Formed in 2011 from a group of heterogeneous musicians, this ambitious debut also incorporates cellos, bagpipes and violins alongside Ged’s guitar with its Ross The Boss sounding solos while Samael’s melodies leave Rhapsody racing through your mind. Over it all come Frank’s semi operatic vocals and the galloping rhythm on songs like ‘Journey To The Glory’, ‘Take The Power’ and ‘I’ll Rise Again’ which is at times so ferocious it literally feels like the charge of a thousand horses. Epic metal is a style that needs to be bombastic and passionate to be perfect and these Italians have it in bunches on the 7 glorious tracks here, full of red blooded battle fever whilst not lacking in setting the heart aflame – chivalry is alive and well and Avoral is the band to march off to war with!

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