AXECUTER “An Night Of Axecution”

”A Night Of Axecution”
(Mindscrape Music)

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Back in 2013 (boy, has it been that long?) I interviewed AXECUTER and reviewed their debut album “Metal Is Invincible”. Before that I reviewed their demo “Bangers Prevail” from 2011. So I and AXECUTER go back some years now. I cannot say I have been the greatest friend to the band because I have missed out on the releases since the debut album. But now I get the chance to hear this live album. I usually don’t like live albums, but this does not sound like your typical live album. it is more like an album recorded live. If you are not familiar with this Brazilian band you should know that this is a true heavy metal band in that good old speed metal school of things. If you like bands like Exciter you should love this. I know I do. This might not be the most original but it is one of the most true metal acts around today. This is the devil sign all the way from start to finish. Anders Ekdahl

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