AZAGHAL “Nemesis”

I have an on/off relationship with Azaghal. There was a time in when I tried following all their releases but somehow I got sidetracked and lost touch with the band. Now it is time to reacquaint with the band. “Nemsis” sounds like the albums I remember from the first time around. This is black metal the very raw and extreme way. More Dark Funeral than Darkthrone but done the Finnish way. Azaghal are one of the older Finnish black metal bands that still keep going. In being Finnish there is a certain melodic touch to the black metal attack, call it an atmosphere if you will, that sets it apart from the rest of the Nordic black metal bands. If it has anything to do with the supposed Finnish melancholia I leave to be unsaid. “Nemesis” is so much better than what I remember the older albums to be. There is a depth to the music that gives it another dimension, making it not so one dimensional that otherwise might be the case with extreme black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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