AZATH ” Through a Warren of Shadow”

” Through a Warren of Shadow”
(Pulverized Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I liked the other band that guitar player Brandon plays in. so much that I gave Draghkar 4 stars for their 2018 EP. This is Brandon’s second band and he promises that this is gonna be some of the fastest and sickest death metal I have heard I a very long time. I really hope that he’s right. Because right now with the whole Corona virus bullshit we experience I need something to blow my brain clean of all the anxiety. What hit me first was how much this reminded me of Morbid Angel’s debut album “Altars Of Madness”, but with a twist. It might not be as heavy as “Altars Of Madness” but it makes up for that with speed. This is intense as fuck death metal. I love American death metal and especially bands like Morbid Angel, Immolation and Incantation. Death metal that is so brutal, that to the non-initiated it all sounds like noise. This is one of the most brutal death metal albums I have heard in a long time, and I love it to bits. Anders Ekdahl

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