AZYLYA “Sweet Cerebral Destruction”

“Sweet Cerebral Destruction”
I get an Italian feeling about this Belgian band. There seem to be no end to gothic metal bands with female vocalist coming from Italy. I’m not going to draw any lines between opera and metal, yes I am. I’m not the biggest fan of opera but Nightwish managed to show that you could mix metal with a classical trained opera vocalist and make it work. In the wake of Tarja we’ve seen numerous bands that have incorporated a classical trained vocalist with their metal and made it work. AZYLYA are not as operatic as some other bands that I’ve heard from Italy. This is more on the melancholic side of things. Like a cross between My Dying Bride and Rhapsody. Like a grandiose melancholic symphony lullaby. There is something soothing to this album in that going to sleep kind of way hat lullabies are designed for. Like a final wake before the Armageddon kind of musical work. Anders Ekdahl

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