Battle Helm Rating

There is something special to a split 7 inch single. Sure, most of the times you only get one track from each band but done the right way that two songs can be the best you’ve ever heard. You don’t want your split to be filled with two exact the same bands yet you don’t want them to be too far off each other. If they’ve managed to get the band mix right you are in for a grand treat. NIRNAETH are black metal in the more primitive vein. No grand symphonic overtures, just to the point black metal. With an anthemic feel to it. Like they are ready for battle. AZZIARD are also black metal but with a more on the attack kinda feel. They go for the throat straight away. Much more war than battle so to speak. This split 7 inch works for me. The bands operate in the same genre but they are different enough to et them apart. And that to me is the greatest reward with a split. Anders Ekdahl

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