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Battle Helm Rating

I have an ambivalent relasionship to split records. As much as I love discovering new bands as much do I want to hear as much as possible. On a split you only get one or two tracks from each band. But when it comes to this kind of black metal split we are dealing with here you get value for money as the tracks are long and winding and you have a chance to get to know the bands a bit better. Of the three bands featured here I know of HYRGAL only. So it is a really cool chance to get to know about new cool bands. What I do like about this is that although we are dealing with black metal they do differ enough for me to feel that this is a really cool split. That is the way I want it to be. BA’A seems to more atmospheric judging from the tracks here. VERFALLEN have a more over all aggressive approach to their black metal and HYRGAL is a band that I have heard before. They have a heavier sound than the other three. This is one split I ma glad came my way. Anders Ekdahl

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