BACKFLIP “The Brainstorm Vol2”

“The Brainstorm Vol2”
(Hellxis Records )

Battle Helm Rating

I cannot stress how little hardcore I come upon. I really would like to dive head first into the world of hardcore but I am thankful for the few releases that do manage to find their way to me. Like this from Lisbon’s BACKFLIP. This is the follow up to “Brainstorm Vol1” (go figure). As this is my first encounter with this band I have no idea how and if they have grown as song writers but the stuff on this 6 tracker is pretty darn good. What I often find annoying with hardcore is the stop and start. I am much for shorter sharper punk songs but this is not so annoying that I cannot follow it. This really flows nicely along so that I can pogo like a maniac in my apartment. A really cool release that I will treasure for a long time. Anders Ekdahl

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