BACKWATER “Rock’N’Roll History”

“Rock’N’Roll History”

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I’ve seen this band’s name a couple of times now as I write this review but the feeling of this being some sort of swamp thing doesn’t escape me. I know that I am weird in so many ways that it is hard to list them all but with a name like BACKWATER what else is there to think about than old horror movies like “The Swamp Thing” etc. What this band is all about musically I am about to find out. Swiss hardrock is not something I am that familiar with although one of my greatest hardrock experiences is Krokus album “Headhunter”. Listen to BACKWATER I get a small Krokus vibe from this, especially the vocals. This is basically hardrock in the AC/DC school. If you like groove driven, bluesy hardrock you ought to check this one out. It might get your groove going. Anders Ekdahl

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