Backyard Babies – “Four By Four”


Backyard Babies – “Four By Four” (Gain Music)

They’re back…..after a career from the late 80s spanning six albums, the pioneers of Swedish sleaze rock announced a hiatus that lasted until last year. But with the same line-up that has stuck together all along, five years simply wasn’t enough to spell an end to Backyard Babies, merely some time out needed to recharge their batteries before launching an album that shows they can go through anything together no matter what – just like a 4×4! Taking their influences from the melodic aspects of 70s US punk and glam rock n roll a la Hanoi Rocks, Backyard Babies take in a whole lot and pack it into a big punch coming right back at you. From Nicke Borg’s eternally adolescent vocals guaranteed to break a million teenage hearts to Dregen’s awesome guitar that churns out everything from punk pop melodies to sweat drenched trash rock riffs and crooning tearful rock n roll – hell, he even chucks in some tasteful slide – it’s all on 101% proof songs from the motorvatin’ ‘I’m On My Way To Save Your Rock N Roll’ to the street struttin’ ‘White Light District’ reeking of attitude and the sensitive, heart breaking ‘Mirrors Shall Be Broken’ – this is Backyard Babies 2015! I think these guys took a long hard look at their past and what they (and the fans) love about Backyard Babies is carved into the nine tracks along with a renewed hunger reflected in the high energy delivery of this superb return album. Like their heavily tattooed bodies, “Four By Four” proves that Backyard Babies are rock n roll for life until the day they die!

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