Backyard Babies – “Sliver & Gold”

Backyard Babies – “Sliver & Gold” (Century Media / M-Theory Audio)

Battle Helm Rating

Winners of 2 Swedish Grammy Awards, touring the world with Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Motorhead, Social Distortion, Velvet Revolver, Alice Cooper and renowned throughout Scandinavia since the 90s for their rock n roll, be it sleaze, punk, glam, whatever – get ready for yet another sleigh ride with Nicke, Dregen, Johan and Peder!!!! With plenty of heart breaking soul to match the fire on the 10 outstanding rockers gracing this 8th release, “Sliver & Gold” was produced by renowned Chips Kiesbye (The Hellacopters, Graveyard, Michael Monroe) and oozes the pure sound of rock n roll through every groove, riff, beat and drop of sweat. Intentionally recorded in sections by the band to make for a more natural vibe, that’s certainly clear from the passion inherent in the material, influenced by the earlier pioneering style of Hanoi Rocks to blend blood red emotion into high energy rock n roll. Likewise, Backyard Babies follow suite, with the varied songs here evoking different moods and emotions but always reaching out to your heart. From the hard rocking ‘A Date Late In My Dollar Shorts’ melding punk shout outs, melodic licks and charged riffing with a slightly melancholic edge in Borg’s vocals culminating in a hugely catchy singalong chorus, there’s a definite live feel to the songs derived from the band’s heavy touring past. Heavier and rawer with its addictive punk pop groove, ‘Bad Seeds’ goes straight for the heart right from the off, hitting home so passionately through the deep chorus and glittering metallic guitar melodies as Borg sings, almost reminiscently about ‘…the wild nights, and snake bites…they are long gone..’, like I said, it’s as poignant as it is kick ass given Dregen’s wailing guitar. Skilfully blending the energetic emo punk pop on ‘Sliver and Gold’ with Borg’s witty, rhyming lyrics of ‘…chance for all the dead sea fishes, thanks for calling me Sid Vicious..’ accompanied by bountiful guitar melodies along with an unexpected 70s southern fried guitar solo from Dregen, the addictive chorus could swallow an entire stadium. 30 years, that’s a long time together man…but these guys still have it…in bunches.

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