”Lure Of The Occult”
(Blood Harvest)
I’m a huge fan of old death metal. It is the stuff that I grew up on when I were into the whole demo scene in the 80s/90s. And it still lingers on when I’m in my 40s. It will never ever leave my system. Which is why I like Blood Harvest. Rodrigo seem to be of the same belief. As Blood Harvest mostly deals in vinyl you will probably have to check elsewhere for the CD version. Listening to Backyard Mortuary I get the same feeling I got when I heard Mexican death metal like Shub Niggurath the first time. This is heavy, murky and from the deepest pits of hell. Kinda like Incantation the first time I heard them or Mortician for that matter. Don’t go expecting this to be crystal clear and well defined. You gotta invest time in this to get the full of it. Anders Ekdahl

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