BAD HÄMMER “Destroy It”

”Destroy Ya”
I can’t say that I’m that familiar with Austrian humour. If it is anything like German you gotta be well versed in culture to get it. BAD HÄMMER made me think of a Spinal Tap for thrash the first time I got in contact with them. There is something to this that screams 80s thrash a long way. When you have songs that aren’t longer than 1.57 you know that it won’t be a tech thrash release you are going to listen to. This is more along the punkier way of thrash. The straight for the throat kind that leaves nobody untouched or even standing up. OK, there is a slight whiff of the 80s and bands like Wehrmacht and the likes but since I like that style of thrash I have no problems liking this. This might be a debut release and only a 4 track EP but I for one will be keeping an eye on BAD HÄMMER. Anders Ekdahl

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