”It’s Not The End”
I like Soundgarden. I don’t know if I’d pick a name for my band that is so close to having an identity all its own, unless you are a tribute band. But hopefully BADMOTORFINGER are better playing music than they are at picking a band name. And no, they are not a Soundgarden sounding band. Instead there is a (modern day) Motorhead feel to the music. This is heavy with a slight rock’n’roll feeling. And that they do a cover of Motorhead’s “Rock’N’Roll” pretty much confirms my suspicion. I’m not the biggest fan of modern day Motorhead but I find this album by BADMOTORFINGER to be a pleasant surprise. There is a charm to it that I like. Enough to find this album good enough to spin it a couple more times. Anders Ekdahl

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