BAHIMIRON “Rebel Hymns Of Left Handed Terror”

“Rebel Hymns Of Left Handed Terror”
Listening to too much black metal can become monotonous and in the end simply boring, unless the bands you listen to present something out of this world, or a t least something to break the monotony. Bahimiron are simple in their approach towards black metal. You don’t have to be fancy schmancy to be good. It is enough with a simple approach, some aggressive riffs and a basic production to make it good. I like Bahimiron’s simple approach to black metal. There is something to crude and rude metal that appeals to me on a basic level. It makes my guts vibrate in that really cool way that I like. If Hellhammer up-graded to the 21st Century tickles your fancy you might want to check out Bahimiron. Anders Ekdahl

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