Bai Bang – “All Around The World”

Bai Bang – “All Around The World” (AOR Heaven)

These Swedish glam rockers formed back in the 1989 based on the dream of main man vocalist Diddi Kastenholt. Inspired by music of that time Bai Bang pretty much followed suit to the likes of Danger Danger, Motley Crue, and LA. Guns along with their ‘hairspray’ look which still remains the same along with their motto to party on! Arguably the first glam / sleaze band in Sweden, and of the traditional genre, they were not part of the more modern “New Wave of Swedish Sleaze” that spawned the likes of Crashdiet, Hardcore Superstar etc. Bai Bang’s music is about good time rock n roll and their sound reflects that from Diddi’s rock star vocals to their melodic rock out riffs. If that wasn’t enough they add in the singalong cow rock harmonies of Bon Jovi and stadium rock anthems of Def Leppard on shake it out songs like ‘Everybody Everywhere’, ‘Raise Your Hands’ and ‘Get It On’. In some ways Bai Bang really are a throwback to the cock rock days of the 80s, but hey, the album title says it all as these guys really have been all over but clearly they still are party favorites with their catchy seasoned brand of glam hard rock n roll!

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