BAIT “Revelation Of The Pure”

“Revelation Of The Pure”
(Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I am a word buff. Have always been and will always be. I have no idea what the word means to this band but I would very much like to know. But whatever the name does mean to the band I am intrigued about finding out what this sounds like. I am a huge fan of the label and have so far not been let down by their releases. The first thing that hit me when the music started was how much of a chaos this created in my head. To me this is like a mix of sludge, hardcore and black metal. The outcome of it all is sheer violence in music form. This is not easy to listen to. It hurts both the ears and senses to hear this. But I guess that is the whole point of the band. To not be easy and middle of the road. Because whatever you feel about them they leave an impression on you. And that is not to be said about all bands. I am of the kind that likes the noise that this lot creates. Perhaps not something I listen to 24/7 but when I do I enjoy it. Anders Ekdahl

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