BALROG “Miserable Frame”

“Miserable Frame”
(My Graveyard)
If you are not familiar with Tolkien BALROG my mean nothing to you. If you are a Swede and ever so slightly interested in sports you’ll know that BALROG is a floor hockey team. My guess is that this Italian band have read Tolkien more than once. Not knowing what to expect from this album I was kinda surprised that the first band I came to think of was Metal Church around the time of their first albums with David Wayne on vocals. This is that heavy borderline thrash that Metal Church too was on those albums. And seeing as I’m a huge fan of those albums this appeals to me too. BALROG has that borderline thrash sound that is but isn’t at the same time. If you like your heavy metal heavy and intense then this is the album to check out. Anders Ekdahl

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