BANE “The Acausal Fire”

“The Acausal Fire”
I remember that I liked Bane’s previous album. There was something to that album by these guys that touched all the right places in my metal heart. So with that in mind I expect, if not great things, at least close to great things from this album. I expect to be totally blown away by the sheer power of Bane’s blackened death metal. And it proved to be as good as I had hoped for. This is the kind of death metal that a band like Vader has been known to make. This is the brutal yet melodic death metal that I find so great when it is done the right way. And the right way this surely is. I doubt that anybody into Vader, Hate or any other Polish death metal act of the last years will have any trouble with this Balkan death metal act. Anders Ekdahl

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