Bang Tango – “Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt”

Bang Tango – “Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt” (78 Productions)

Bang Tango?! Holy molee, I remember these guys from the late-ish 80s during the hair / glam days, although I seem to recollect them having a kick ass funk groove to them? Well, get ready for a rocket ride back to those sleazy days of L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat and GnR! Like a heavier version of GnR during their ‘Illusion..’ era, “Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt” is 10 tracks of pure, kick ass Americana from ‘Suck It Up’ to ‘Bring The World’ and ‘Have You Seen Her’, which could almost be the successor to GnR’s version of ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’. Today’s Bang Tango might be less funky and purists may argue that only original vocalist Joe Lesté remains, but boy, has he one mean mutha of a band and an album to keep those memories still flying high!

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