Barbarian Prophecies – “XIII”


Barbarian Prophecies – “XIII” (WormHoleDeath Records)

Epic death metal from España! Although formed at the turn of the century, it took most of the decade to solidify a line-up during which time various demos and EPs were released until the band began touring across continental Europe – and then things began to really take off for this horde! With Xavier Lovelle’s hoarse, growling vocals leading this wolf pack, Arnt Bünz and Óscar Besteiro really show off their maestro guitar work, churning out bullring brutality with the greatest of ease, but  really making their band special with those incredible epic riffs and deep, passionate passages evoking powerful emotions in songs like ‘Nameless Shadows’, ‘Twilight Of Mankind’ and ‘Embrace Of Insanity’. With supreme confidence they skillfully add in quiet Spanish acoustic guitar interludes while effortlessly returning back to the furor launching into some wild, virtuoso soloing – Latin style naturally – ole! Ably backed by the chundering rhythm of Manuel Riguera’s bass and Julio G. Valladares precision drum stampedes, Barbarian Prophecies offer more than just death metal muscle, bringing their technical prowess and catchy grooves along with the pride of their culture on this notable sophomore.

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