(Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I really don’t understand what is up with a self titled album. Was it too hard to come up with a cool album title? Will the music do all the talking making it unnecessary for an album title? To me a huge part of the charm is the album title. The cooler, the better. A self titled album is like a half dressed emperor. But musically this is a offbeat as I imagined it to be. Somewhere in there lies a foundation of black metal but as with Deathspell Omega BARUS kinda chooses a different path to tread. You can also hear traces of the death metal path that Behemoth has chosen to tread. If I were to define this I’d say it is much more death than black metal but it is very borderline. But I like what I hear. There is a flow to this that makes it very cool. Anders Ekdahl

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