BASTARD PRIEST “Ghouls Of The Endless Night”

“Ghouls Of The Endless Night”
I am not a very nostalgic person. I try to live in the now most of the time but when it comes to music I have a hard time to leave my fave records behind me. There are too many memories connected to them for me to just abandon them. But lately there’s been a resurgence in retro death metal that allows me to listen to new music that sounds like music did in the late 80s/early 90s. I didn’t think I’d like it a s much as I do but I can’t help banging my head to bands like Tribulation and Bastard Priest. Bands that sound like Nihilist, Entombed or Unleashed did in the beginning. If you have no idea what I’m speaking of then this is very basic and dirty sounding death metal. Forget everything about Cannibal Corpse or melodeath. This has a more punkier feel to the sound. This is cool stuff and I like it a bundle. Anders Ekdahl

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