Batman: Arkham City – “The Album”

Batman: Arkham City
“The Album”
(Sony Music)

‘Batman: Arkham City—The Album’ is the official soundtrack album of the highly anticipated game ”Batman: Arkham City’, fast touted to become THE best console game EVER. Fittingly, Sony have assembled 12 diverse artistes from Serj Tankian to Coheed & Cambria to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to create brand new tracks exclusive to this unique collection of songs. Most of all, the tracks reflect the genuine interpretation each artist has of Batman – from Serj’s dar brooding acoustic of ‘Total Paranoia’ to witch rock of +++ Crosses (the side project of Deftones vox Chino Moreno) ‘The Years’ to the baroque punk pop of ‘Mercenary’ by Panic At The Disco. Clearly there are going to be some tracks that will have some people wondering what the hell they are doing on a Batman soundtrack – but that’s just it, Batman himself has had many comic and film interpretations over the decades and elicited the same reactions. Arkham City – “The Album” is no exception although it’s reasonable to say that at least in this case, everyone involved is a fan of the man.

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