Battle Beast – “Battle Beast”

Battle Beast – “Battle Beast” (Nuclear Blast)

These Finns literally burst onto the scene a few years back – not in the least courtesy of the steroided shrieks of femme vocalist Nitte Valo, who unbelievably left the band last year despite their triumphal march! Since then they have found Noora Louhimo so the obvious question on this follow up album is – is it “Steel” part 2…? Answer – No! Firstly the music itself has shifted away from Accept style anthemic metal that Nitte was so suited to a more melodic commercial rock metal very close in fact to the latest Lordi (who incidentally have gotten heavier themselves). As such Noora’s vocals are perfect for this, bringing her feminine cat purr vox to songs like ‘Out Of Control’ and ‘Into The Heart Of Danger’. Don’t get me wrong, she can certainly hit the high notes too, judging by the Manowar like ‘Fight Kill Die’ or the piercing ‘Black Ninja’ but I just don’t think Battle Beast need a constant air raid siren right now and in that respect, Noora’s tones fit more into the rest of the band than her predecessor’s. That aside, the central theme of catchy choruses, crunching riffs and blistering solos remains and the renewed line-up on this album has proved that it is still strong, wild and hungry as ever!

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