Battle Beast – “Unholy Savior”


Battle Beast – “Unholy Savior” (Nuclear Blast Records)

Epic melodic rock / metal from Finland driven by the soaring siren vocals of Noora Louhimo! One of the new breed of Scandi metal bands featuring heaps of catchy melodies to accompany their obvious furor, Battle Beast have always had powerful women at their helm in Nitte Valo, whose fearsome vocals set the mark for this band, and her successor Noora is no less lacking, if a tad more soulful. Still, Battle Beast continue to live up to their name, delivering heavy metal anthems like the irresistible ‘Madness’ or the uplifting inspiration of ‘Far Far Away’ and the wild ‘Scarface’ inspired ‘I Want The World And Everything In It’, guaranteed to have you singing to catchy choruses and leave your heart fluttering from passionate melodies and solos! Nitte Valo has definitely found her place and her tremendous vocals both in their power and range are the key to bringing life to Anton Kabanen’s compositions, which on this album push the boat out even into 80s rock / pop with ‘Touch In The Night’, driven heavily by Janne Björkroth keyboards. Die hard fans needn’t worry though as the chainsaw guitars and frantic double bass drumming of ‘Speed And Danger’ soon bring you back to the battlefield! Winners of 2010’s Wacken Metal Battle, things have been steadily rising over the years for Battle Beast and now with this 3rd album, 2015 is set to break the band big time with a Sabaton support slot, not to mention playing this year’s Sweden Rock and Summer Breeze festivals and I certainly look forward to it!!!

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