BATTLE RAM “Long Live The Ram”

“Long Live The Ram”
(My Graveyard)
BATTLE RAM is a perfect name for a heavy metal band. Just by saying it you get a feeling for what kind of metal it is that the band is playing. You can feel the guitars ripping through your spine and the vocals cutting through your ears like there’s no tomorrow. And everything about this album screams heavy metal. It would have been a shame if this album turned out to be a bit of a wanker. But it isn’t luckily. At first I came to think of Heathen but then I decided that this is way more epic in style and my mind drifted towards fellow Italians Doomsword. If you like metal that paints with broad strokes you will like this. In style it reminds me of power metal but with a bit of an epic touch. And since I’m a big sucker for both power and epic metal I have a hard time resisting this. Anders Ekdahl

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